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    MGEM & Fine HandCrafted Jewelry was founded by adventure;
by the love of and search for GOLD, GemStones and Treasure.

   Sound far fetched? Not at all. To me it was simple; the very first time of laying eyes on a gemstone that I alone uncovered from the earth, I was instantly hooked. Then, caught a similar "fever" when I found my first few flakes of Gold in the bottom of a pan. Between the two, and together, I was, and still am, completely overwhelmed with transforming rare objects into various forms of art and jewelry.


Your artisan is also a jewelry contest winner. He has won 1st Place, 2nd Place and 3rd Place money and prizes respectively and has the privilege of being apart of a group of sculptured artists at wire-sculpture.com that considers themselves among the very best sculptors and craftsmen in not only the USA, but abroad as well. "Truly, the sculpture work being crafted can be compared second to none, anywhere in the world".


   Jewelry is much more than just a profit. It is taking a rare substance of the earth and shaping it to become a dazzling, beautiful work of art not easily created.

   No, it's not just jewelry; it's not just profit. It is the creation of something beautiful and rare; something of which light shines through to the amazement and wonder of us all.

   Through this, with this, into this, the appreciation for rare beauty flows and becomes works of art which as an artist, endowed with our greatest skill, pouring even one's very heart and being into the essence, hoping the end result will reward us with the favor of others. For in the end it is all about Designs that are intended to help turn your jewelry wardrobe from ordinary to extraordinary. 

   Hand-crafted jewelry is much more than just jewelry. It is art, and has an inspiring aura that draws and reflects beauty from a variety of influences that we see and live through, including Old World, Historical References, Natural Elements, Natural Beauty and many others.

   "For without the love of something, nothing is created."

                                                                                         - MGEM -


FHJ GemStones                                         Our Guarantee


   GemStones used in the construction of FHJ jewelry comes from a variety of sources. In most cases we purchase directly from the mines and/or their agents. Some gems we have purchased through various prospectors and small independent lapidaries, while others are purchased from Namibia Africa and Jaipur India.
   All of our gemstones are multi-faceted: meaning, more light reflections are added by the additional faceting, allowing for greater reflective enhancement to flow into and out of, the stone, giving it superior beauty and glamour.
   As a general rule, the more facets a stone has, the greater it's beauty. This process requires additional man-hours to "cut" the stones in greater and greater detail, and thus commands greater appraisal value.
   Whether in our jewelry, or as loose stones, the gems you will recieve from FHJ are hand selected, Tripple A Grade, multi-facets, and will be sharp in color and clarity.


   The FHJ Guarantee is action. Right now action.

   We not only offer the standard "Return Guarantee" of 30 days, but FHJ also offers the valued "Warranty Guarantee". Jewelry is created using fine silver and gold, some with great detail, and can ware over time, or become apart of an accident and damage occur. It is at these moments, when you will need your guarantee the most.

   The FHJ Guarantee is known for it's swift action, and year long life (1 year). That's correct - 1 year unconditional.

   FHJ offers you this Warranty Guarantee at no cost to you. If the jewelry develops a problem due to an accident or mishap of any type, we will repair the item with a "no labor cost" service (material only). If the jewelry was damaged beyond repair, FHJ will reconstruct the item for you at a material cost only!

   Customers Love our Guarantee. You will too, just when you need it the most.

   That's the FHJ Guarantee.


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The Business

Our Objectives & Goals
  • To design & develop unique hand crafted jewelry of which customers are pleased to wear. 
  • To build & maintain impeccable quality standards for our gemstone and diamond jewelry.
  • To provide genuine support services such as maintenance and cleaning contracts, preserving the life of your jewelry.
  • To promote complete and total satisfaction in each and every customer.

   Our original business was founded in 2001 by Sheila & her mother, Nell M. Lee. The products consisted mainly of hair, wigs and hair related services, since this was the issue Mrs. Lee was facing; medical hail loss.

   Yet it was there, the two of them, based upon the desire to help others overcome problems they themselves faced, began to help those with BC (breast cancer) and medical related hair loss problems. Looking back, it is now clear to see that it was through this tragic event where the business became "relatively rooted" and known in the local community.

   Jewelry was added as an afterthought. It was basically something to add that people could buy to give to others to help cheer them up in rough times. At first, the jewelry was fashion from China, and clients quickly dismissed the gesture of good intent and the trinkets lay collecting dust in the small cabinet.

   Soon afterwards however, we crafted a piece of jewelry by hand for a customer. Word spread and the idea of handcrafting the jewelry began.

   Over time, we studied, practiced and have learned to craft many different types of jewelry. Now, with the addition of large gemstones and effective display systems, FHJ has began to sell more and more unique pieces of beautiful gemstone jewelry at a lower cost than even the renowned QVC and giant Amazon. 

   Today, as our skill continues to grow, so do our our customers and product lines. Yet through all of the changes and "upgrades", the FHJ shopping experience still remains the same; a pleasing and rewarding personal experience where genuine beauty and value are created.

   At FHJ, we will have NO dissatisfied customers. Not even one.