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    The FHJ Wholesale Jewelry & Gemstone program includes retail business owners / managers as well as independent artists, goldsmiths, entrepreneurs and all other classes of individuals seeking to earn a profit from creating or selling gemstone jewelry.





There are two (2) methods of obtaining Wholesale Jewelry & Gemstones for your business from FHJ.



   1. Is to buy right from this website. If you are looking for small amounts of jewelry and/or gemstones, then your absolute best bet is to buy right from our Wholesale Jewelry Category. Many of the items there are used by sculptors and artists to build other lavish jewelry with, or to add their favorite chain and sell as is. Either way, smaller resellers benefit from smaller lots and even single wholesale items.
   2. Is to use the form below (or call us over voice) to initiate contact where we supply simple passcodes to private photographs and numbers dedicated to larger scaled jewelry or gemstone transactions. 
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If you need an in-store display system to illuminate and help sell your jewelry, you can visit the FHJ Jewelry Display Cabinet(s) Floor Plan(s) we use by Clicking Here
   FHJ will contract to construct the cabinets for you if desired. As you can see by the example floor plan and accompanying photographs, a number of different combinations can be used. But it is no secret to effectively sell jewelry ... it is just display, illuminate... display, illuminate and display some more.
   If you need an effective display system, Contact Us for more information by using the form below.



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Semi Precious Gemstone Lot 10 - 100 ct.'s
Semi Precious Gemstone Lot 100 - 500 ct.'s
Semi Precious Gemstone Lot 500 + ct.'s
Rubies, Emeralds & other Precious Gemstones
Gold and Silver Chains
Necklaces with Pendents
Bangles and Bracelets
Gemstone Rings
Jewelry Sets
Mix and Match Jewelry
Display Cabinets Full Center Isle Unit
Display Cabinets - Half Center Isle Unit
Glass Ring Box Display

*Remember; FHJ will NEVER, EVER give out your name or other information to ANYONE, ANYWHERE. The only exception to this rule is by Court Order.

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Learn Sculpting

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Pricing GemStones

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Pricing Jewelry

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Learn Polishing

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Making Gold

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Hunting Gold

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Pricing Gold & Silver



Wholesale Gemstones

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Click Here for Wholesale Gemstones and Lots.


     Wholesaling Gemstones to artists, crafters and other jewelry and gemstone suppliers is very much apart of the FHJ business model.
     Our prices simply cannot be beat here in the US, as well as many places abroad.
     Looking closer at the FHJ gemstone Lot's, you'll see that we offer high quality, multi-faceted gemstones of practically every type and color. You will also see that the Lot Price is exceptionally low upon it's own merits right there in the Lot Directory. So smaller wholesale orders can profit directly from the Lot's as they are. However, if you intend to purchase Multiple Lot's, and order several thousand carets or more of gemstones, an even better wholesale price is offered for the volume of the order.
     For Pricing Consultations, or PC's as we call them, fill out the simple wholesaling form on the left side of this page and click submit.